Close Prisons for Foreigners Campaign


Pro Igual joined forces with other Spanish NGOs in campaigning for closure of prisons for foreigners, known as Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIEs). The CIE inmates´ only offense is lack of papers. While in CIEs, the inmates are often subjected to gross violations of their most basic human rights, with no recourse whatsoever.

Click here to read more about human rights violations in CIEs.

As part of the wider initiative, NGOs have launched the Day Against CIEs celebrated on June 15 (#15J). On that day, NGOs and all people interested in this subject organize awareness-raising activities across Spain. To support the initiative please visit here.

Here are different NGO activities organized in 2014. Pro Igual prepared a new article and as well social media campaign to raise awareness about CIEs for the English-speaking readers.








To read (in Spanish) about various NGO activities organized on that day in 2013 please click here. Have a look at some pictures that Pro Igual took during campaigning on that day in 2013.


Also within the framework of our campaign against CIEs, Pro Igual has cooperated with Ferrocarril Clandestino and presented a joint communication to the UN Commission on Women on the Human Rights Violations of Migrant Women in Spain: Detention in CIEs. Read more…

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