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Centro de Investigaciones en Derechos Humanos (CIDH) PRO IGUAL is a non-profit non-governmental organization based in Almeria, Spain. It was founded in the beginning of 2009 and officially registered with the Spanish Ministry of Interior in July 2010 with an NGO registration number nº 595496.

Mission statement:

PRO IGUAL is composed of and governed predominantly by immigrants, which has impacted on its core mission: defense of human rights, above all the right to equal treatment and nondiscrimination on any grounds and in any sphere of life. We subscribe to a holistic approach to equality which entails:

  • respect for everyone´s dignity and identity;
  • countering agressive intolerance and hate crimes;
  • equal treatment before laws and nondiscrimination on any grounds;
  • meaningful equality of opportunity for everyone;
  • social and political participation in society for all.

In accordance with our mission, we focus our efforts on empowering persons belonging to vulnerable categories to know and defend their rights. In limited cases, we directly assist individuals who find themselves in a situation of discrimination or related violations of human rights. We also carry out advocacy on the national, European and international levels to draw attention and put a stop to some of the most eggregious human rights abuses when we encounter them. Please visit the Projects section to learn more about our work, or write to us at infoATproigual.org for information or advice.

We do not charge any membership fees nor depend on any governmental funding, we do welcome new members and appreciate volunteer contributions and assistance. If you would like to get involved, please contact us!

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CIDDHH Pro Igual es Asociación sin ánimo de lucro registrada en el Ministerio del Interior con el nº 595496.