Anti-Discrimination “Crisis Cards” and other rights resources


Low awareness about one´s rights and opportunities for redress for rights violations can be a serious obstacle to attaining equality. Unfortunately, groups which are most likely to experience discrimination are also the ones which are least likely to know their rights and the existing remedies. Thus, despite considerable evidence of discrimination and harassment against minorities, foreigners, and other vulnerable groups – in Spain as elsewhere, – reporting of discrimination is rather low. Known cases most probably present only a tip of the iceberg.

In response to this problem, Pro Igual has developed anti-discrimination “crisis cards.” The AD “crisis cards” provide key information for foreigners, ethnic minorities, and other most likely victims of discrimination in Spain on steps to take if they experienced discrimination or harassment from public or private entities. The “crisis cards” are available in Spanish (PDF DOC), English (PDF DOC), and Romanian (PDF DOC) for downloading, printing, and sharing.

Pro Igual always looks into opportunities to learn and disseminate good practices among other NGOs, as well as official bodies, and develop other thematic tools. One of additional recommended resources is EU Rights Clinic. It was launched in 2013 by ECAS (which has a member network in which Pro Igual participates) and helps EU residents and their families overcome problems when moving within the EU.


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