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Discrimination refers to unfavorable treatment of individuals based on their real or perceived belonging to a group with specific characteristics, such as ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, political, social, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, among others.

Discrimination can take place in many areas, such as access to services and goods, housing, health, employment, education, and even within the justice system.

Discrimination has been outlawed in most countries, but is a regular occurrence in practice, sometimes directly but usually in its indirect form. It is common that victims of discrimination do not recognize it, or do not know how to challenge it by legal means.

Pro Igual has developed a handy tool on the first steps in case of discrimination: Anti-Discrimination “Crisis Cards” available in several languages.

In addition, the following resources have been compiled with the view to helping actual or potential victims of discrimination to find recourse for violations of their right to nondiscrimination and equal treatment.

Council for Promotion of Equal Treatment and Nondiscrimination

Ombudspersons of Spain and of Autonomous Communities (competent to receive individual complaints in cases of discrimination by public institutions or officials):

Defensor del Pueblo de España

Defensór del Pueblo Andalúz

El Justicia de Aragón

Procuradora General del Principado de Asturias

Diputado del Común, Islas Canarias

Procurador del Común de Castilla y Leon

  • Address: Plaza de San Marcos, 5, 24001 León
  • Tel: 987 27 00 95
  • Fax: 987 27 01 43, 987 27 31 41
  • Email:

Síndic de Greuges de Catalunya

  • Address: Passeíg de Lluís Companys, 7, 08003 Barcelona
  • Tel: 93 301 80 75, 900 124 124
  • Email:

Valedor do Pobo (Galicia)

Defensor del Pueblo de la Región de Murcia

  • Address: Calle Alejandro Seiquer, 11, 2º, 30001 Murcia
  • Tel: 968 226 843
  • Fax: 968 226 845
  • Email:

Defensor del Pueblo de Navarra

  • Address: Calle Emilio Arrieta, 12, 31002 Pamplona, Navarra
  • Tel: 948 20 35 71
  • Fax: 948 20 35 49
  • Email:

Defensora del Pueblo Riojano

Síndic de Greuges de la Comunitat Valenciana

Defensor del Pueblo del País Vasco (Ararteko)

OBERAXE Se abrirá en una ventana nueva

In addition, Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia contains links to organizations and offices, by province, that provide assistance in cases of discrimination:

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