On Occasion of the International Day of Elimination of VAW


The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls is celebrated worldwide on November 25 (UN (Resolution 54/134). On occasion of this day, let us remember the names of the female victims of domestic violence in Spain. As of now, the number of murdered women and girls is over 1000

Although Spain boasts a progressive 2004 law dealing with gender-based violence, it may be not enough, as services are over-subscribed and many victims — especially those with an uncertain legal status — are not reached. In 2017, the Spainish parliament passed measures designed to bolster the original law, with a five-year budget of one billion euros. At the same time, the law is under attack of a right-wing party (Vox) which seeks its repeal, and has received a surprizing boost at the recent Spanish election.

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